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I'm a Digital Artist, Lady Music Lover , Illustrator Extraordinaire , Craft/Design Loving lady. I have a website called Imagination Sprinkles & a fun portfolio here showcasing my photography, illustration, digital manipulation, etc. My truly favorite things in life are Sherlock Holmes, rainbows, riot grrrl music, Doctor Who, watching an absurd amount of movies, making mixes, DIYing, picking thru flea markets, sating my endless curiosity with books/magazines/blogs/podcasts/etc, collecting art, taking pictures, illustrating, spending time with *loved ones*, making people laugh, & cartoons. Welcome to my brain-ish.
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Today @ - Cheap #Pet #Costume ! | #halloween #puppy #robin #batman #DIY


MY DIY - Robin Doggie Costume

Okay, so this is a BIT close to the wire for costume making but I thought I would share anyway! Do…

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Felt Pet Stocking 

A lil late, but how about some cute pet stockings? Blogged about HERE